PYRAME is the story of someone who travelled the world extensively. Lausanne, Geneva, Paris, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore - with a masters degree in physics in his pockets the doors were wide open for David Naville, the creator of PYRAME. But at one point he decided to do it the Bryan May way: putting his analytical sense of mind into something more creative and heartfelt music.

So for the last 2 years he more or less lived in a Berlin studio stashed with all sorts of keyboards and synthesizers, crafting songs together with producer Matthieu Brismontier from MOWD. Featuring 80s gear (Roland Juno 106 synth, Roland JX3P, Dynacord Echocord) as well as modern models (Dave Smith Prophet 08 synth, Elektron Analog RYTM), the EP grooves with noticeable cosmic and French pop influences, strong beats, a touch of disco, with poetic and melancholic lyrics and offers a diverse range of indietronica songs which are connected by a cohesive storyline about love and affection, about relationships and freedom.

PYRAME is a poet at heart, which is why his lyrics also display a touch of surrealism and fantasy and the whole project has a link to ancient mythology. “Pyramus” is the ancient name of a Greek river, and “Pyramus and Thisbe” where later described as a couple of ill-fated lovers by the ancient poet Ovid




A Fine Life EP

PYRAME A Fine Life

A Fine Life

PYRAME Platonic (feat. Moon Wave)

Platonic (feat. Moon Wave)

PYRAME Where Are We Now ?

Where Are We Now ?