Out on Days Of Being Wild
Release date: December 02, 2016


Languages describe themselves a Electronica / Psych-Pop duo. 
You can decide but we think it’s pretty accurate. 

French man Franz Matthews and English man Ed Bentley also refer to themselves as neo esoteric (expats) priests and I guess yes we could call them that with their ample robes and laid back slow grooves. 

Their first EP « 双胞胎 » (aka Siamese Twins) features the enchantingly lazy Sleep Stream, a proto pop song, wrapped up in harp sounds, funky bass line, airy guitar lines and echoing voices. 
‘Siamese Twins’, the other song featuring on the EP is a slow psychedelic tune, blending pop and new age vibes into a hazy blur of arpeggiated synthesisers, dub delays, and distant vocals. 
Both pieces complete themselves beautifully and offer a dreamy trip to 4th chakra (which is the love one for those of you not into Yoga) 

Also on the package, the Days Of Being Wild remix of Sleep Stream, where we speed things up and add a zest of machine sleaze to make it suitable for the darker rooms of this world. 

We also had the pleasure of inviting the mighty Ewan Pearson to rework Siamese Twins. 
The result is an absolute killer chugger of a tune. Built over an italo arpeggiated bass line, Languages whispered vocals float and collide with psychedelic sounds and ghostly pads, this is slow motion dancing at its best.